Course curriculum

    1. What structure will you use?

    2. What about your location?

    3. How Much Space do I need?

    4. Shape and Dimensions

    5. Control Room Location

    6. Time to sketch your layout

    7. Jets and plumbing design

    8. The Air Blower & Filter

    9. Calculating what pump you need

    10. What about a water feature?

    11. What if my Control Room is 50+ ft away?

    12. Calculate the volume of water

    13. Choosing a heating method

    14. Electricity Requirements

    15. How will you finish your Hot Tub?

    16. Audio Visual and Lighting Considerations

    17. Where do I get the parts I need?

    18. The Hot Tub Planning Quiz

    19. Quick Question on this section

    20. Quick Recap of Where we are now?

    1. Clear the area and excavate!

    2. All things Rebar

    3. Prepare your base.

    4. Building a form (optional building type dependant)

    5. Laying Blocks

    6. Waterproofing your Structure

    7. Insulation

    8. Fitting your Hot Tub Light

    1. Hot Tub Plumbing Parts Explained

    2. Tips and Tricks for Hot Tub Plumbing

    3. Fitting your Skimmer

    4. Fitting your lower drains

    5. Everything Gunite - Explained

    1. Control Room - Step By Step Guide

    2. Wiring your Pumps and Blower

    3. Configuring your Spa Pack

    1. Filling your Hot Tub

    2. Chemicals

    3. Where can I get a Custom Made Hot Tub Cover?

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 40 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content

These are customer-built Hot Tubs

How good do they look? From left to right we have Kyle from the USA. In the centre, we have Niel from the UK and on the right, we have Bob from Thailand. All have successfully built hot tubs with my guidance using the information contained in this course

  • 40 Lessons covering everything from jets to insulation

  • Over 2.5 hours worth of exclusive video content this is only available in the course

  • No expiry. Use the course as much as you like. Think of it as a reference guide for each stage of your build

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